What Is The Center Of Your Life?

A great short video about what sometimes happen in our spiritual life. Listen carefully to the lyrics; this song is entertaining, yet so true!


Point to ponder today: what kind of a Christian are we? Have we put Jesus as the centre of our focus when we worship, pray, go to church, or ministry to others?

It’s so easy to get distracted and instead of making Him the centre of it all, we focus on ourself when we pray (I want this, I need that, please help me…). Or when we worship, we focus on the song (Oh I like this song! Let’s sing it loudly!). When we go to church, we give attention on who gives the sermon (If he’s boring, I don’t think I want to go at all). When we witness a miracle, we praise the person who did the miracle (Wow, she did amazing work!)

Remember, don’t get biased and make other gods above Jesus Christ. Don’t make certain people or pastor as your god, don’t make certain band as your god, don’t make anything else your god! Practice everyday to build relationship with Jesus, talk with Him all the time, ask Him to help you refocus your attention.

Same goes with our daily life. What is the centre of your life? Is it Jesus, or is it anything else? For example, money, job, romantic partner, friends, self development, hobbies, et cetera. It could be anything.

Always be mindful of your intention in everything we do, remember God’s purpose in our life.



The Journey of Finding Happiness

Just like so many people in the world, I have been finding happiness all my life. Though my definition of “happiness” evolve over time. And I believe that happiness means differently for everyone.

I’ve started thinking deeply about happiness in high school. Around those time, I decided that happiness means being successful. I was dreaming about being an independent rich career woman someday, and that would be my biggest achievement in life.

As I grew up, I was in the process of reaching the dream, and I started thinking, happiness isn’t all about money and successful career. In the end, we will never have enough money if we never satisfied and we will never reach success because there will always be more to achieve.

Then I decided that happiness is a balanced life. Meaning: simply be grateful, have enough money to keep on living, have enough time for family, friends, to do exercise and to do our hobbies.

As time goes by, I found out that it is really hard to keep a balanced life. There was a certain period of time where I couldn’t keep the balance because I was consumed with overloaded works.

Then I thought, if my life become unbalanced because of my job, was my job should be accused of making me unhappy?


It was my mind making me unhappy. My mind led me to bad decisions and negative thoughts. It then produced unhappiness.

Happiness is a state of mind. You can have so much money or successful career but still unhappy. You can have a very balance life but still have an unhappy thoughts.

Our mind is a battlefield! Reading “Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer made me realise what was going on my mind. We choose our own thoughts, so we may as well choose great thoughts to produce a positive life.


So, happiness is a decision. We can choose our thoughts, so we can choose to be happy or unhappy. It is hard to manage our thoughts sometimes, well I’ve been there too. Use the right weapon to guide your mind! The Word of God, and the Holy Spirit will lead you to a peaceful mind. Just as the Romans 15:33 said:


Peaceful state of mind will open your door to happiness. Keep reading the Word, keep praying to Jesus!

How God Tell Me He Takes Care of Me

January, a rainy season here in Indonesia. For some people who ride a bike or walk much, they might get wet occasionally.

Lately I preferred motorbike ride than car ride, to avoid heavy traffic in this over crowded city. Believe me, it saves me a lot of time and mental pressure.

More often than not, I don’t prepare myself with umbrella or rain coat. However, Jesus saved me twice this past week.

On one clear evening (at least in my residence area), after fighting my laziness to go to a bible study, I was on my bike ride to a church quite far away from my residence. In the middle of the trip, a friend informed me that there was a heavy rain pouring around the church area.

My heart was pounding. I prayed, “God, just last week the pastor told us that You are able to do the impossible as long as we believe. If it is Your will for me to come to the bible study, it is not impossible for You to stop the rain and save me from getting wet, right? I know I’m coming to the bible study to hear something from You, and I believe You will help me!”

And there I was, approaching the raining area, started to feel the water drops lightly on my body. I was still holding my hope, thinking well maybe I’ll be getting a light moist, at least it will not be that bad. But in my heart I might have a little doubts, I’m asking, “God, why is it still raining? What is Your plan?”

When the rain gets heavier, suddenly the bike driver start speaking, “Do you want to wear a rain coat?” I was surprised, and answered immediately, “You have it? Yes of course!”

That was the answer. God didn’t do the visible miracle of stopping the rain for me, but He did hindered me from getting wet. In my knowledge, not all drivers bring extra rain coat with them. I arrived safe and sound, just got a little wet on the tip of my hair.

I felt so blessed that night and knowing that was a story I could share, but then I went on and kind of forget about the experience. A few days later, which is today, I went to church nearby for Sunday Service using motorcycle ride again. The day was only a little gloomy and cool. On my ride home, it rains lightly and gave me a little damp. Just a little while after I reached my room, heavy raid poured down. It came to me as a huge reminder that I should write this for you!

I’ve once heard, sometimes Jesus don’t answer your prayer the way you want it to, but He always listens to your prayers; and He always have a beautiful plan for our life! He wants the best for us too.

Surrender to Him because His way will lead you to the same beautiful outcome, even though the process might not as comfortable as what we have in mind.

Jesus, let Your will be done, not mine.

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